Wine Cellar


Becks Sip N Save Wine Cellar offers icy cold beer, ice, and an exceptionally large selection of wines and spirits for a remote region with a small population.
Great Sip n Save Specials !!!
Visit for the latest specials online. Or see posters and shelf talkers instore

Becks Sip N Save Cellars are located at 30-32 Alfred Tce right next to Becks IGA Supermarket.

Come and see the 1907 Cash Register on display instore

Minimum Opening Hours
Monday – Friday  9am –  5.55 pm

Sat 9 am – 4.55 pm

Sunday Open 10 am – 12.55 pm

Above are the minimum opening times – most nights open later – if the open Flag , A Frame Open sign are on the footpath  and if Open Sign is showing then – we are still open.

Open Some Public Holidays during Holiday Periods .  10 – 12.5o pm or 10 am – 2.50 pm