Becks IGA Streaky Bay Supermarket


Becks IGA Supermarket offers quality local meat, market fresh fruit and vegetables, large range of grocery lines, friendly staff,  IGA Low Prices Program .  Community  Chest Sponsorship program and Community Co Products where a % of sales goes to local charities,  emergency and sporting groups. Black and Gold lines.

Fruit and veg is supplied direct from the market in locally owned refrigerated trucks. Our fruit and vegetable and nut supplier IPS offers quality produce plus extra fruit and veg specials.

See the IGA catalogue in the mail, instore or click on the link for the latest weekly specials at

Becks IGA is located at 32 Alfred Terrace right next to Becks Sip N Save Wine Cellars
Open Monday – Friday  8.30am- 5.55 pm
Open Saturday 9am – 4.55 pm,  Open Sunday 10 am – 12.55 pm
Open most  Public Holidays  – either  A- 10 am to 12.55 pm or B – 10am to  2.55 pm